Monday, December 22, 2014

Hybridized Fanfiction

         Frozen Meets The Hunger Games

     "Anna!" I called up the stairs to my younger sister, "Are you dressed yet? I don't want to be late for the reaping!" I waited for a response but all I heard was shuffling coming from her bedroom. "Coming!" She finally shouted at me after a minute or so. I checked my watch anxiously as Anna darted down the stairs, almost crashing into me. "I'm ready," she said in a surprisingly confident voice. I glanced down at my watch again. "Do you have your gloves?" Anna asked me. "We wouldn't want your nerves to accidentally freeze all of District Seven." I chuckled quietly as I slid them on. "Yes of course," I responded with a small smile, "We wouldn't want that." 
     We live in a country called Panem, and ever since The Dark Days, our main city, the Capitol, have put together a little something they like to call the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games involve throwing two Tributes, one male and one female, from each of the twelve Districts into an arena and having them fight to the death. The last one living wins. 
     So each year, on the day of the reaping, each child's name from the time they turn twelve is tossed into a bowl to be chosen from. Since I'm sixteen, my name has been entered a number of times. But because this is Anna's first reaping, her name is only in there once. This brought me a small amount of peace. Ever since our parents died it's been up to me to take care of the two of us. I'd do anything to keep Anna safe. 
     "Alright let's get going," I said. I opened the door and Anna and I headed toward our town square. We had been walking for about five minutes when Anna said quietly, "Elsa?" I looked down at her. "I'm really nervous." I grabbed her hand and squeezed it tightly. "Don't worry," I replied, "your name's only entered once. The odds are in your favor. It's me that should be the one worrying." Anna looked down at the ground and whispered softly, "that still doesn't make me feel any better". 
     We walked in silence the rest of the way. When we reached the square we both filed into line with our age groups and genders. I stood quietly, almost holding my breath as District Seven's escort approached the stage. "Happy Hunger Games!" She exclaimed loudly. I adjusted my gloves and took a deep breath. Conceal it, don't feel it. I thought to myself. Don't let it show. 
     I glanced over to where Anna was standing. She looked so nervous I thought she might vomit. My arms were shaking as the escort made her way over to the female reaping bowl. Her hand hovered over it once before she pulled out one of the name cards. I felt as though my heart was in my throat. I adjusted my gloves again, praying the name would not be mine. I closed my eyes as the escort's voice boomed over the square. The name she read was not mine. It was my sister's.
     I could physically feel the blood drain from my face as I saw Anna emerge from the crowd, her red hair pulled back in a tight braid. Her face was pale white and she looked as though she would burst into tears. My eyes darted around the square frantically. Not one person made a sound. My heart was pounding in my ears as I ripped off my gloves and pushed past the crowds of people over to my sister. "Anna," I tried croaking out as I plowed through the mass of people. 
     I stumbled to the center isle and lifted my hand to send a blast of ice up toward the stage at the escort and the bowl full of names. I haven't quite mastered my powers yet and the icy blast came out with a lot more force than I had intended. I large wall of ice appeared across the stage, growing bigger as it pushed back to almost sandwich the escort between it and the wall behind the stage. Now in a panic, I lifted my hand once again and created an icicle barrier around Anna. The force was so strong that it knocked me to the ground. I tried to stand up and regain my footing but two Peacekeepers, the Capitol's police force, ran up to me, grabbed me, and dragged me to the direction of the stage. 
     I felt my consciousness slipping away from me. The Peacekeepers were roughly dragging me across the ground, one on each arm. The one on my left heard me call Anna's name and whacked me over the head as I felt reality getting further and further away. "Take this one away," I barely heard the one on my right say just before I blacked out, with nothing but Anna's name over the speaker replaying over and over in my head.



Sunday, December 14, 2014


The sun hung low behind the dark grey clouds that stretched across the sky like a blanket. I quickly shuffled into the back of my mother’s minivan next to my brother. “Could you move over a bit, Jenna,” he said condescendingly, “I feel like you’re practically on top of me. I need my space.” I rolled my eyes and smacked him in the arm. “Liam, shut up. We’re in two separate seats and I’m buckled in, how do you expect me to move over?” I spat back at him. Just as he was about to open his mouth to interject, my youngest sister, Allie, jolted around from the seat in front of us. “Can you guys stop fighting for once in your lives?” She spoke with the attitude of a fifteen year old, even though she was only nine. My other sister, Peyton, sighed heavily and dramatically turned the page of the book she was reading. I angrily kicked the back of Allie’s seat and stared frustratingly out the window.As a Christmas present to all of us kids, my mom promised that we could adopt a puppy. Tensions had been thick and moods had been sour since my parent’s divorce last year. So my mother, in attempts to bring a little joy and lightheartedness into the atmosphere, decided it was about time we got a dog.After about a half an hour of being cooped up in that metal prison of a car with my siblings, my mom made a sharp left turn off the main road onto a dirt path.“Where are we?” Peyton asked, looking up from her book. My mom turned the volume of the radio down. “We’ll be pulling into the shelter in about two minutes,” she responded. I shifted my position in my seat so I could see over Allie’s head and out the windshield at the approaching “animal shelter”. It looked more like a log cabin that you’d see in a horror movie to me. My mom parked the van alongside the curb as my siblings and I piled out. “Are you sure we’re at the right place?” Liam asked. My mom waved her hand dismissively. “Of course we are! This is the address I was told to go to in the email! Jenna, hand me my purse please.”The moment I opened the door I felt like I had gotten hit in the face with the worst smell I had ever experienced in my entire sixteen years on planet earth. It was like some awful mixture of wet dog, pee, old wood, and something else I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I looked over at Peyton and saw that she had her jacket zipped up to her eyes, masking her nose from that rancid stink. My mom walked over to the front desk with Liam as my sisters and I walked around the small lobby-ish area, checking the place out. That building was filthy to say the least. Dirty dog kennels, cat carriers, empty shampoo bottles, and more were scattered everywhere. I could hear distant barking coming from what seemed to be the upper level of the building.“Great! Thank you very much!” I heard my mom say to the man at the desk. Liam walked back over to me and my sisters. “They’re going to bring the dog in now,” he told us with a small smile on his face. After what felt like decades, we finally heard footsteps coming back down the stairs. “Eeeeepp!” Allie squealed. “I can’t wait to meet her!” The man from the front desk turned the corner with probably the cutest black lab puppy I had ever seen. My mom and sisters all screamed and ran towards the excited pup to pet her. Liam made his way over as well. I, on the other hand, stayed right where I was. What if it doesn’t like me? What if it bites me? What if it bites, like, a neighbor or something and we have to give it away? What if it whines at night and I won’t be able to sleep?“Jenna! You have to come over here and pet her!” My mother exclaimed as the small lab puppy licked her face affectionately. I glanced around the shelter nervously and approached the dog. “Hi there, little fella,” I cooed. I got down on my knees and the puppy stumbled over to me. I smiled and scratched her ears. “You’re just the cutest thing!” I said as I pat her, “I can’t wait to take you home with us!” The puppy was panting, wagging her tail, and obviously getting a little over excited. I felt more comfortable and sat down on the floor and continued petting her. All of a sudden, I felt this warm sensation on my lap. “Oh my…” I heard Liam’s voice trail off. My mother gasped and Allie let out a shriek. “What the heck, Jenna?!” Peyton was now shrieking too. I looked down at my lap and saw the one thing I had not expected to see. Dog pee. I let out a blood curdling scream and jumped up on my feet. “WHY?!” I yelled down at the dog, who, much to my annoyance and dissatisfaction, seemed remarkably pleased with herself. The dog scurried around behind me as I continued to stare at my pants in disbelief. By this time my entire family, along with the man from the front desk, was laughing hysterically at me. My mom was laughing so hard she made this horrific snorting noise.“You all think this is funny?!” I projected. “Getting this stupid dog wasn’t even my idea! It was just mom’s pathetic way of bringing this obnoxious family closer. Well, congrats mom, you’ve actually done the opposite. I hate you all twice as more now!” I was yelling so loud I felt as though a blood vessel would burst. However, my family (and the man from the front desk) did not feel even a shred of sympathy as they continued to wheeze with laughter.I rolled my eyes and screamed one last time before making my dramatic exit, “You know what...Whatever! I don’t even care anymore! I’ll be waiting in the car.”I spun around angrily, ready to stomp out of that dilapidated animal shelter and never look back. But, instead of leaving after proving my point, my foot landed into warm, freshly produced pile of black lab puppy excrement. My eyes widened as I felt my face redden, unable to process what exactly just happened. Outrageous fits of laughter erupted from behind me as I looked down at that obnoxious disgrace of a dog, who seemed to be happier than ever.  

Friday, December 5, 2014

List Poem

When your brother asks you for help on his homework, do not yell at him and kick him out your room. Help him. You were his age once too.

When your mother begs you to wear that sweater you hate, wear it once. It will make her happy.

When your best friend calls you in the middle of the night after a fight with her mom asking for a place to stay, clean your room, make up a bed for her, and welcome her in.

When your babysitting and the ten year old girl who looks up to you and strives to be exactly like you tells you about the kids who tease her, do not brush her off. Listen. Respond. Love her.

When you feel as though the walls of your bedroom could cave in on you, know that you are never as alone as you feel. It's okay to have a bad day.

When your coach does not cancel practice in a thunderstorm, do not complain. Run through the weather with a smile on your face and feel the rain on your cheeks.

Don't sit on the edge of the pool and watch your friends swim just because you don't want your eyeliner to run. 

When you contemplate not experiencing a part of life just because your afraid of what your friends will think, stop contemplating, do it, and dump those friends. They were never your friends anyway.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Poetic Form

Fade to Black

Harmonious chirping bouncing through the air,
The birds sing their song of joy
Bursts of sunlit warmth
Radiating from the fruitful soil
But as the sun sets
The Earth faces turmoil
Singing ceases
Life decreases
The bitter cold wind whistling
Through the inanimate, leaf-barren trees
Grass once green and thriving
Now nothing but a cadaverous, impoverished desert
A wasteland foreign to vivacity
With only the pale yellow sun hanging above.

Given Poetic Form

Ode to Spring

World of color
Life to bloom
Melting away the dead of winter
A new light shines through

Long days of yearning
Long nights of sorrow
Come to an end
The brightness of tomorrow


The song of the birds echo through the trees
Gentle gusts of wind
Whisking away the yesterdays 
With warm rays of sun

The bad now good
The sin now forgiveness
The tears now laughter 
The hurt now comfort

Sadness fleeting
Now, only life.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

3 Step Poem

First Draft

Tranquil, peaceful, calm
the warm sand across my feet
Clear, open, vast
cool, salty water against my feet
Scorching sun
Fluffy clouds
My umbrella like a shield around me
protecting me
from the burning sun above
Extravagant blue
Open ocean
Expansive sky
stretching out before me like a map
as I close my eyes
and feel the gentle breeze.

Critiques: I need to choose different adverbs towards the beginning of the poem, rather than "across". Also, I need to change the way I describe the way the water feels, the way the sand feels, etc, as well as describe exactly how the sun feels.

Second Draft 

Tranquil, peaceful, calm
the warm sand between my toes
Clear, open, vast
cool, salty water against my feet like a refreshing breath of clean air
Scorching sun
freckles appear on my nose
Fluffy clouds
My umbrella like a shield around me
protecting me
from the burning sun above
Extravagant blue
Open ocean
Expansive sky
stretching out before me like a map
as I close my eyes
and feel the gentle breeze.

Critiques: Instead of immediately starting off with a description of the beach, I should lead up to it slowly by explaining things that might suggest that I am talking about the beach.

Final Draft

Sighing deeply
Walking towards the direction of the sunshine
eyes closed as I approach the shore
Tranquil, peaceful, calm
the warm sand between my toes
Clear, open, vast
cool, salty water against my feet like a refreshing breath of clean air
Scorching sun
freckles appear on my nose
Fluffy clouds
My umbrella like a shield around me
protecting me
from the burning sun above
Extravagant blue
Open ocean
Expansive sky
stretching out before me like a map
as I close my eyes
and feel the gentle breeze.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014



     Clear rays of sun bounced off the soft, delicate, yellow petals in the warm spring air. The strong, firm stem branched down towards the cool dirt covered earth. Roots sprawled out for what could seem like miles underground, sucking up the moisture within the soil. The moisture then travelling up through the roots to the stem, from the stem to the leaves and to the petals.
     The leaves, large, green, and expansive reached up and out towards the warm rays of the sun. Each drop of moisture drying up quickly, no match for the heat beaming down. The leaves seemed to grow larger with every ray of sunshine that hit it.
     The wind gusted lightly as the petals trembled slightly. One of the fragile petals broke off from the others and drifted peacefully towards the uninviting ground. It landed softly, with the absence of sound, not to disturb the environment surrounding.

Angry Letter

Dear TDA,

     Before I begin, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I, like most teenagers of sixteen years of age seeking to learn and master the skills involved in operating a motor vehicle, must spend the majority of my day obtaining my high school education. I take school very seriously and rarely miss a day. However, a particular instance forced me to be dismissed from class early in order to complete my last road lesson before my scheduled license test.
     As you obviously know, your company policy is to have each student complete all twelve hours of driving and six hours of observation twenty-one days in advance to their license test so the lesson has time to "process". Well, I had booked my license test far in advance, using my best judgement and knowing how fast the slots fill up. I had my last road lesson booked three days before my deadline was reached. This became problematic in the end because one of my cross country meets got cancelled and rescheduled due to weather complications. The reason this was an issue was that the meet was moved to the day of my last road lesson, therefore throwing off my entire plan and schedule. I frantically attempted to reschedule within a two-day time span. The only lesson available before my deadline was a Friday afternoon...during school.
     Naturally, I booked the lesson. I had no choice if I wanted to get my license on time. So I was dismissed from class early and went home to wait for one of your driving instructors to pick me up. I was all ready to go when it was time to get picked up. But, the instructor did not show. I figured they were just running behind. Center-of-town-traffic can be very messy at times. So I waited. Ten minutes past my lesson time went by. No instructor. Fifteen minutes. Still no instructor. At this point I was rather irritated. I waited a couple more minutes before getting the phone and calling your main office.
     The phone rang multiple times before someone finally answered. I explained my situation with a very calm, patient, and understanding tone. The individual on the other end stated to me that she would try and get in touch with the instructor who was supposed to take me out on my lesson. So from there I was put on hold. For a very long time.
     When the woman finally came back to the phone, she explained that she "could not get in touch with the instructor", that this was "very unusual for him", etc. For the record, I don't really care if this was "unusual" or "out of character" for this particular individual. First impressions are very important. I haven't even met this person and I already strongly dislike them. But anyways, by now I was more than slightly annoyed and irritated. The woman proceeded to say "I don't know what to tell you" in regards to the lesson.
     In a much more harsh and sharp tone, I informed this woman that I had a deadline to meet (one enforced by your company) and that if this road lesson that I had scheduled (inconveniently) for myself was not completed by tomorrow I would not be able to take my license test. I also emphasized that I had missed school to make this lesson.
     There was an uncomfortable silence on the other line while I waited for her response. After what felt like a decade, she decided to respond with "I guess I can see what other times I can reschedule you for today" and then proceeded to put me on hold...again. Then, after what felt like another decade, the line reconnected and the woman informed me that she could "squeeze me into a lesson for 3:30 if that was okay" (which by the way was not okay because I had cross country practice starting at 2:30 which I would now have to miss as well). Relieved that they were able to fit my lesson in, but still thoroughly irritated, I took the lesson, "thanked" the woman, and hung up.
      So, in summary, I would just like to thank you for inconveniencing my entire day and ruining the fantastic mood I had that lovely Friday afternoon. Also, bravo on your horrendous customer service. I probably won't be recommending your company to anyone in the near future.



Monday, October 20, 2014

Timed Prompt

The First Man

     It was Christmas Eve. Fog stuck to the Tarmac at Lindbergh Field. Two men approached the plane.
     "I can't believe it's Christmas Eve," the first man said.
     The second man shrugged slightly. "Hey, if I'm getting paid for this I could care less if it's Christmas Eve," he said.
     The wind started howling violently outside as the two men reached their seats on the plane. The sky grew dark as the second man stared out the window during the flight attendant's plane safety speech. 
     The lights turned off in the cabin as the "fasten seat belt" sign switched on. The second man sighed deeply and folded his hands across his lap. "I think I'm going to try and get some sleep," he said to the first man who was nervously fidgeting in his seat.
     The second man sighed deeply a second time and closed his eyes. The first man's eyes darted anxiously around the cabin. I can't believe I'm missing Christmas. He kept thinking to himself. This would be the first year he would spend the day without his family. It's a holiday! Why did they have to send me on a business trip on a holiday? And Christmas of all holidays! 
     Suddenly, the plane jolted in the air, interrupting the first man's thoughts. The cabin lights flickered on as the second man bolted upright, awakening from his slumber with wide eyes.
     "What is going on?" The second man asked the first man. The first man glanced at him with a look of terror. This can't be happening. This really can't be happening. 
     The flight attendants rushed down the aisles of the cabin towards the front of the plane as the pilot made an announcement, "Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen," he spoke calmly, "we are experiencing a bit of turbulence. Please remain seated and keep your seat belts fastened." 
     The "fasten seat belt" sign flashed over and over as the plane was continually thrust violently through the sky. There was no mistaking the look of pure terror on the first man's face as the yellow oxygen masks fell from the ceiling as the plane fell down, down, down towards the dark and uninviting ocean below.

PS: After reading The Plot Sickens, my writing seems to parallel the author's observations of a negative resolution to the story, ending somewhat violently. She refers to students in her college class as writing pieces that do not have the stereotypical "happy ending" that you might expect out of students. Most have seemed to reflect a negative and violent ending, which my story paralleled. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Two Narrators

     I'm so nervous. What if everyone laughs at me? They're definitely going to laugh at me. I just know it. Ugh I can't believe I have to wear these. This is so embarrassing. I wish I just stayed home today. I should have just stayed home. Why didn't I stay home?! I don't want to be here.

     "Hey, Brooke," Lucas said. "Are those new glasses?" Brooke could feel the red hot embarrassment showing from her cheeks up to her ears. "Uh, yeah...sort of new I guess. They're just temporary I swear. My little brother sat on mine and these are the ones I have to wear until my new ones come in", she answered. 

     I wish I could just walk faster down this hallway. I need to get to English quickly so I can get a seat in the back. I hate James so much why did he have to break my glasses. This day needs to end. This day just needs to end.

     Brooke shuffled swiftly down the hallway as Lucas's pace quickened to keep up with her. "When are your new ones coming in?" he asked. Brooke's cheeks turned bright red again as she scratched the side of her face. "Hopefully tomorrow," she replied nervously. "My mom called the eye doctor yesterday to double check." Lucas nodded and continued walking at a somewhat fast pace to keep up with her. His brow furrowed a little as he said, "Hey, why are you walking so fast?"

     Why do you think I'm walking so fast? I hate being seen in these embarrassing glasses, that's why. Just stop interrogating me already! It's not nice it's just annoying. And maybe I want to get to class a bit early. What's it to you? Stay out of my way. 

     "Oh, no reason," Brooke answered nonchalantly, "just want to get to class on time I guess." She kept her head down as she turned the corner of the hallway. Lucas chuckled. "But first period doesn't start for another eight minutes! What's the rush? We always walk around together before class."

     Well maybe today is different, okay? I need to minimize the amount of people that see me today. I'm so angry at James I can't even describe it. Ugh I wish I could walk with my head lower without crashing into a locker or something. This is the perfect example of why I should just get contacts. Glasses are so problematic anyways. 

     "I uh, to talk to Mrs. Scott about something." Brooke stammered. "Something..?" Lucas said confused. Brooke's eyes darted around the halls nervously. "Yes something! I might be missing the essay from...uh...last class. It's marked as think. And I really want to keep my A in that class so I need to talk to her about making it up. 

     Brooke darted down the hallway towards the English wing, head low, eyes down, bumping into a few walls in the process. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

One Act Play


Quinn: Teenage girl of about 17 years of age, alone, and waiting the lab results of a medical exam.
Peter: Man in his late 50's with a terminal brain tumor, early for weekly doctor's appointment. 
Nurse: Works at the doctor's office, calls Peter in for his appointment.


Quiet, but semi-crowded waiting room at a doctor's office in Boston, Massachusetts. 


The present. 

(Lights up on Quinn and Peter sitting side by side in the waiting room. The two are strangers, both waiting to be called in to see the doctor.)

Quinn: (Sneezes.)
Peter: Bless you.
Quinn: (Smiles.) Thank you. I always seem to get a cold this time of year-or maybe it's allergies. I don't really know. (Laughs nervously.)
Peter: (Smiles sympathetically.) I know what you mean. But sometimes colds and allergies can be the least of our worries. (Pause.) If you don't mind my asking, what are you waiting at this office for?
           (Quinn fiddles with her hands on her lap.)
Quinn: Um...well...
Peter: (Overlapping.) It's fine if you don't want to say. I don't mean to be intrusive.
Quinn: No it's alright! It's just that I'm not really sure exactly what I'm here for. My doctor's been noticing these like, really weird spots on like my arms and stuff and she wanted to do some tests to see if they're you know...uh cancerous. So I'm waiting to get called in to see the lab results. Yeah. 
             (She looks down at her lap again and picks at a hangnail on her thumb.)
Peter: Well that's quite a lot to take in, isn't it? 
Quinn: (Chuckles quietly.) Kind of. 
Peter:  If it counts for anything, I think you're pretty darn brave sitting here today. (Smiles warmly.)
            (Tears well in Quinn's eyes. She sniffles.)
Quinn: Thanks. (Whispering.) I'm really scared.
Peter: (Takes a deep breath in.) It's okay to be scared.
Quinn: I'm trying to prepare myself for the worst case scenario. Let's just say that I have cancer. If I keep telling myself that I do, it won't be as heavy when I find out. And if I don't, then good. I don't. But it's better to convince myself I do, that way it can only be either good news, or old news. No bad news, if that makes any sense.
Peter (Nods understandingly.) That's an interesting way to look at it. Realistic with an optimistic twist.
         (There's a small, but comfortable silence. Quinn smiles.) 
Quinn: I just figure if they're going to diagnose me with cancer I might as well start living with a realistic view on the world.
         (Peter chuckles. Nurse enters from left.)
Nurse: Peter Warren? 
         (Peter stands up slowly. Quinn stands up quickly after Peter rises.)
Quinn: Wait! Peter, is it?
Peter: (Nods and smiles.) Yes, indeed.
Quinn: I'm Quinn, by the way. (Pause.) Thank you. For you know, listening to me.
           (Peter smiles and follows the nurse down the hallway to hear the status of his tumor. Lights 
           fade on Quinn, still standing by her chair in the waiting room.) 

Friday, October 3, 2014


Lakynne Sargent (Unreliable Narrator "A Father's Love")

I really liked the descriptions in this story and how real it felt. The story itself was a really good idea. The relationship between this father and his daughter was very touching and sad as well.

Sean Eykel (Self Deprecation)

It was very well written and lighthearted. I really enjoyed reading it. Some of the phrases were very clever and humorous. I also really liked the last sentence too; it was very good.

Francesca Maciejko (Short Short Story "Thoughts")

I thought the idea for this story was very clever and original. It was interesting to read all the thoughts she has while in the hospital and how strange the medicine made her feel. I really liked it.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Unreliable Narrator


     I tossed and turned for roughly twenty minutes before resorting to lying on my back. The frustration was almost worse than the pain itself. No matter what position I was in, I could not seem to lessen the intensity of the aching in my abdomen. 

     Turning the lamp on my nightstand on, I looked up to focus on the blades of my ceiling fan for distraction. I picked one blade and tried to follow it with my eyes as it made each rotation. One, two, three, four, five six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen times around. Or was it fifteen? I kept loosing count.

     Instead, I tried counting the seconds in between the sporadic bursts of pain in my stomach. One, two, three, four...all the way up to fourteen before I felt it again. The second time around it was sixteen seconds. I bit my lip as the pain intensified. Maybe if my lip started bleeding, I'd forget about my stomach. It felt like the excruciating aching was spreading everywhere. I could feel it running up and down my legs as if someone was scraping a knife across my limbs. 

     Now it was spreading to my upper body. I couldn't even count the seconds in between bursts of pain anymore. Each interval was so close to the one prior that my body didn't even get a break. I couldn't remember what it was like to feel comfortable. Up from my abdomen to my chest, the pain spread like wildfire. My lungs felt like they were being crushed. They probably were.

     By this point, my entire body was overtaken. I couldn't tell where my stomach ended and where my throat began. Did I even have a stomach anymore? It might as well disintegrate considering there was no feeling anymore. I didn't feel anything. It was all just one big mass of unbelievable pain. So much pain. My head was spinning and pounding. Focusing on the fan blade rotations was impossible as my eyes rolled back in my head. 
     I tried straining my neck to the left to glance at my clock. 4:14 am. It felt like I had been lying there for days- no...weeks. It felt like weeks. I didn't know my name. I only knew the pain extending from my abdomen. I don't even know how to end this thought.  

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Short Short Story


CAUTION: Those who are made uncomfortable by loud noises should not ride.
WARNING! For safety you should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back, or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by riding.
-Expectant mothers should not ride.
-Supervise children at all times.
-Those who do not meet the height requirement of 48'' may not ride.
-Prior to riding, you must remove all loose articles from your person

The wind lashed violently against my face, peeling my skin back and making my eyes water. My back was in such excruciating pain that I had trouble inhaling and exhaling. There was so much tension and aching in my body. I couldn't see anything around me clearly. Was that the ground below me? Or was I upside down facing the sky? If only my head would stop pounding. My stomach kept turning. I felt my body being jolted up again as the pain in my head intensified. The watering in my eyes was uncontrollable as tears streamed down my pale white cheeks. Now I've lost feeling in my head entirely. Suddenly, a deafening crack pierced through the cold air. It was so violent that I felt as if my ears would start bleeding. The blood completely drained from my face as the crack repeated itself. My eyes widened, stricken in fear. Then instantaneously, and almost as if it were on cue, I felt the sensation of falling. My entire body lost all sense of feeling as I plummeted.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Self-Deprecation (test)

German poet, Charles Bukowski once wrote, “Find what you love and let it kill you”. Loving something to such an extent as this has always been easy for me. Ever since I was very young I’ve had an extremely obsessive personality. I’ve always loved a lot of things, but I didn’t just love them- I loved them large. So large, in fact, that these things seemed to overtake my life. Take Care Bears for example. When I was about five or six, these small, colorful bears weren’t just more stuffed animals to add to my very large collection. They were my entire life. Everything I owned had to be Care Bear related. Care Bear pencils, Care Bear pillows, Care Bear pajamas, Care Bear blankets, etc. Every time I noticed something Care Bear related in a store I would bother and pester my mother until she caved and let me buy it. I would also, regrettably, cause a horrible scene involving screaming, pathetically begging, and crying if she refused my pleas. My bedroom at my grandmother’s house was not even close to complete without my Care Bear comforter set. I was never able to hold a conversation with anyone without making unnecessary comments about those bears. As I grew older, my obsessions grew older with me. I soon ditched the Care Bear phase and moved on to whatever caught my attention at the time. Whether it was animals, certain colors, movies, foods, TV shows, or bands, something was always on my obsessive radar.
            When I was fourteen, I made the choice to alter my dietary habits by picking up vegetarianism. I had pondered my decision for quite some time before making the switch. I spent many moments alone with my thoughts weighing out the pros and cons of a meat-free lifestyle. I kept thinking about all the animals I could spare by not eating meat. Like cows. I love cows. I mean, just look at them. They’re so innocent and helpless. They just stand in fields day in and day out grazing to their hearts content. Killing something so sweet and harmless seemed merciless in my opinion. I also couldn’t stop thinking about pigs. Have you ever seen Charlotte’s Web? Every time I ate pork or ham the only thing that came to mind was that pig, Wilbur. I just couldn't eat little Wilbur’s anymore. Going vegetarian would clear my conscience regarding cute farm animals like cows and pigs.
            However, one con in particular stuck out in my mind. Going meat-less would mean I would have to remove chicken from my diet. And I love chicken. Like really love chicken. The thought of parting with it seemed torturous to me. If this sounds really stupid to you, just think of your favorite food in the entire world and imagine never being able to eat it again. Ever. Are you imagining it? Well, that’s how I felt.
            But, nonetheless, I made my decision to go vegetarian. The switch seemed easy at first until I went out to eat with my family. I can’t remember the restaurant at the moment since the only thing burned into my memory was this: we were seated at a table in a quiet corner of the restaurant. Seated nearby was a kind looking middle aged couple that just got their food delivered to their table. Usually, I’m not one for people watching, but today was different. The woman at that table had ordered a huge plate of chicken parmesan (the man had ordered something completely irrelevant to me). When I saw it, my heart snapped and it felt like someone had thrown a chicken sized brick at my chest. Here I was, vegetarian, sitting directly across from some random omnivorous stranger eating my favorite food in the entire universe. It was unbearable. Call me rude for staring, but I could not stop. A small part of my soul withered away with every bite she took. It was almost like she knew. She knew I had given up meat and she knew I wanted her chicken parm more than I wanted air in my lungs.
            The entire rest of the night was torture as I ate my salad, trying to forget about the chicken eating episode I just witnessed. When I returned home, all I could think about was chicken and how I’d probably never taste it again, seeing to that I kept my vegetarian habits up. Chicken had overtaken my thoughts.
            To make a long story short, and to spare you of any more pathetic details, I quit vegetarianism as one might expect. It took two years of will power and self-control until I caved. My infatuation was too much. I still don’t eat beef or pork, but being able to eat my first chicken nugget since I was fourteen this summer was life changing. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

RAFT assignment

The night was cool and crisp. Crickets chirped loudly outside as the famous, and extremely intoxicated actor, Marco, lay lightheaded on his couch. He struggled to fish for the remote in between his couch cushions and turned on his TV. The local channel was showing a rerun of the day's earlier events of competitive cliff jumping. Marco looked longingly at the television as the love of his life, Mary, made her way to the diving board. Marco had been infatuated with Mary for a very long time but he had never had the courage to tell her. However, in drunken confusion, he decided that tonight would be the night to express his feelings. 

Marco stumbled up from his couch and made his way to the door. Mary only lived a few houses down so it did not take him long to travel to her house by foot. He clumsily walked up to her door and knocked very loudly. After about two minutes, Mary came to the door. "Marco," she asked, "what are you doing here so late? Are you alright?" Marco stared at her for a while before proceeding to answer, "Mary, I've waited so long to tell you this but I've been in love with you for as long as I can remember." Mary looked at him with a confused look as he continued, "and just to prove how important you are to me, I've decided to buy you eleven porta-potties for your constipated rabbit." 

Marco looked at Mary with a hopeful gleam in his eyes hoping for her to return the affection and accept his gift, but, much to Marco's surprise, Mary burst into tears and yelled, "How dare you! My rabbit died last Wednesday! Today was the first day I had started to move past my grief. But now you decide to show up here unannounced and bring up the sensitive topic while I'm still mourning. Get out of my face and never come near me again." And with that she slammed the door in his face leaving poor Marco alone on the front step with nothing but a destroyed liver and an empty heart.