Monday, December 22, 2014

Hybridized Fanfiction

         Frozen Meets The Hunger Games

     "Anna!" I called up the stairs to my younger sister, "Are you dressed yet? I don't want to be late for the reaping!" I waited for a response but all I heard was shuffling coming from her bedroom. "Coming!" She finally shouted at me after a minute or so. I checked my watch anxiously as Anna darted down the stairs, almost crashing into me. "I'm ready," she said in a surprisingly confident voice. I glanced down at my watch again. "Do you have your gloves?" Anna asked me. "We wouldn't want your nerves to accidentally freeze all of District Seven." I chuckled quietly as I slid them on. "Yes of course," I responded with a small smile, "We wouldn't want that." 
     We live in a country called Panem, and ever since The Dark Days, our main city, the Capitol, have put together a little something they like to call the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games involve throwing two Tributes, one male and one female, from each of the twelve Districts into an arena and having them fight to the death. The last one living wins. 
     So each year, on the day of the reaping, each child's name from the time they turn twelve is tossed into a bowl to be chosen from. Since I'm sixteen, my name has been entered a number of times. But because this is Anna's first reaping, her name is only in there once. This brought me a small amount of peace. Ever since our parents died it's been up to me to take care of the two of us. I'd do anything to keep Anna safe. 
     "Alright let's get going," I said. I opened the door and Anna and I headed toward our town square. We had been walking for about five minutes when Anna said quietly, "Elsa?" I looked down at her. "I'm really nervous." I grabbed her hand and squeezed it tightly. "Don't worry," I replied, "your name's only entered once. The odds are in your favor. It's me that should be the one worrying." Anna looked down at the ground and whispered softly, "that still doesn't make me feel any better". 
     We walked in silence the rest of the way. When we reached the square we both filed into line with our age groups and genders. I stood quietly, almost holding my breath as District Seven's escort approached the stage. "Happy Hunger Games!" She exclaimed loudly. I adjusted my gloves and took a deep breath. Conceal it, don't feel it. I thought to myself. Don't let it show. 
     I glanced over to where Anna was standing. She looked so nervous I thought she might vomit. My arms were shaking as the escort made her way over to the female reaping bowl. Her hand hovered over it once before she pulled out one of the name cards. I felt as though my heart was in my throat. I adjusted my gloves again, praying the name would not be mine. I closed my eyes as the escort's voice boomed over the square. The name she read was not mine. It was my sister's.
     I could physically feel the blood drain from my face as I saw Anna emerge from the crowd, her red hair pulled back in a tight braid. Her face was pale white and she looked as though she would burst into tears. My eyes darted around the square frantically. Not one person made a sound. My heart was pounding in my ears as I ripped off my gloves and pushed past the crowds of people over to my sister. "Anna," I tried croaking out as I plowed through the mass of people. 
     I stumbled to the center isle and lifted my hand to send a blast of ice up toward the stage at the escort and the bowl full of names. I haven't quite mastered my powers yet and the icy blast came out with a lot more force than I had intended. I large wall of ice appeared across the stage, growing bigger as it pushed back to almost sandwich the escort between it and the wall behind the stage. Now in a panic, I lifted my hand once again and created an icicle barrier around Anna. The force was so strong that it knocked me to the ground. I tried to stand up and regain my footing but two Peacekeepers, the Capitol's police force, ran up to me, grabbed me, and dragged me to the direction of the stage. 
     I felt my consciousness slipping away from me. The Peacekeepers were roughly dragging me across the ground, one on each arm. The one on my left heard me call Anna's name and whacked me over the head as I felt reality getting further and further away. "Take this one away," I barely heard the one on my right say just before I blacked out, with nothing but Anna's name over the speaker replaying over and over in my head.



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