Wednesday, October 29, 2014



     Clear rays of sun bounced off the soft, delicate, yellow petals in the warm spring air. The strong, firm stem branched down towards the cool dirt covered earth. Roots sprawled out for what could seem like miles underground, sucking up the moisture within the soil. The moisture then travelling up through the roots to the stem, from the stem to the leaves and to the petals.
     The leaves, large, green, and expansive reached up and out towards the warm rays of the sun. Each drop of moisture drying up quickly, no match for the heat beaming down. The leaves seemed to grow larger with every ray of sunshine that hit it.
     The wind gusted lightly as the petals trembled slightly. One of the fragile petals broke off from the others and drifted peacefully towards the uninviting ground. It landed softly, with the absence of sound, not to disturb the environment surrounding.

Angry Letter

Dear TDA,

     Before I begin, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I, like most teenagers of sixteen years of age seeking to learn and master the skills involved in operating a motor vehicle, must spend the majority of my day obtaining my high school education. I take school very seriously and rarely miss a day. However, a particular instance forced me to be dismissed from class early in order to complete my last road lesson before my scheduled license test.
     As you obviously know, your company policy is to have each student complete all twelve hours of driving and six hours of observation twenty-one days in advance to their license test so the lesson has time to "process". Well, I had booked my license test far in advance, using my best judgement and knowing how fast the slots fill up. I had my last road lesson booked three days before my deadline was reached. This became problematic in the end because one of my cross country meets got cancelled and rescheduled due to weather complications. The reason this was an issue was that the meet was moved to the day of my last road lesson, therefore throwing off my entire plan and schedule. I frantically attempted to reschedule within a two-day time span. The only lesson available before my deadline was a Friday afternoon...during school.
     Naturally, I booked the lesson. I had no choice if I wanted to get my license on time. So I was dismissed from class early and went home to wait for one of your driving instructors to pick me up. I was all ready to go when it was time to get picked up. But, the instructor did not show. I figured they were just running behind. Center-of-town-traffic can be very messy at times. So I waited. Ten minutes past my lesson time went by. No instructor. Fifteen minutes. Still no instructor. At this point I was rather irritated. I waited a couple more minutes before getting the phone and calling your main office.
     The phone rang multiple times before someone finally answered. I explained my situation with a very calm, patient, and understanding tone. The individual on the other end stated to me that she would try and get in touch with the instructor who was supposed to take me out on my lesson. So from there I was put on hold. For a very long time.
     When the woman finally came back to the phone, she explained that she "could not get in touch with the instructor", that this was "very unusual for him", etc. For the record, I don't really care if this was "unusual" or "out of character" for this particular individual. First impressions are very important. I haven't even met this person and I already strongly dislike them. But anyways, by now I was more than slightly annoyed and irritated. The woman proceeded to say "I don't know what to tell you" in regards to the lesson.
     In a much more harsh and sharp tone, I informed this woman that I had a deadline to meet (one enforced by your company) and that if this road lesson that I had scheduled (inconveniently) for myself was not completed by tomorrow I would not be able to take my license test. I also emphasized that I had missed school to make this lesson.
     There was an uncomfortable silence on the other line while I waited for her response. After what felt like a decade, she decided to respond with "I guess I can see what other times I can reschedule you for today" and then proceeded to put me on hold...again. Then, after what felt like another decade, the line reconnected and the woman informed me that she could "squeeze me into a lesson for 3:30 if that was okay" (which by the way was not okay because I had cross country practice starting at 2:30 which I would now have to miss as well). Relieved that they were able to fit my lesson in, but still thoroughly irritated, I took the lesson, "thanked" the woman, and hung up.
      So, in summary, I would just like to thank you for inconveniencing my entire day and ruining the fantastic mood I had that lovely Friday afternoon. Also, bravo on your horrendous customer service. I probably won't be recommending your company to anyone in the near future.



Monday, October 20, 2014

Timed Prompt

The First Man

     It was Christmas Eve. Fog stuck to the Tarmac at Lindbergh Field. Two men approached the plane.
     "I can't believe it's Christmas Eve," the first man said.
     The second man shrugged slightly. "Hey, if I'm getting paid for this I could care less if it's Christmas Eve," he said.
     The wind started howling violently outside as the two men reached their seats on the plane. The sky grew dark as the second man stared out the window during the flight attendant's plane safety speech. 
     The lights turned off in the cabin as the "fasten seat belt" sign switched on. The second man sighed deeply and folded his hands across his lap. "I think I'm going to try and get some sleep," he said to the first man who was nervously fidgeting in his seat.
     The second man sighed deeply a second time and closed his eyes. The first man's eyes darted anxiously around the cabin. I can't believe I'm missing Christmas. He kept thinking to himself. This would be the first year he would spend the day without his family. It's a holiday! Why did they have to send me on a business trip on a holiday? And Christmas of all holidays! 
     Suddenly, the plane jolted in the air, interrupting the first man's thoughts. The cabin lights flickered on as the second man bolted upright, awakening from his slumber with wide eyes.
     "What is going on?" The second man asked the first man. The first man glanced at him with a look of terror. This can't be happening. This really can't be happening. 
     The flight attendants rushed down the aisles of the cabin towards the front of the plane as the pilot made an announcement, "Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen," he spoke calmly, "we are experiencing a bit of turbulence. Please remain seated and keep your seat belts fastened." 
     The "fasten seat belt" sign flashed over and over as the plane was continually thrust violently through the sky. There was no mistaking the look of pure terror on the first man's face as the yellow oxygen masks fell from the ceiling as the plane fell down, down, down towards the dark and uninviting ocean below.

PS: After reading The Plot Sickens, my writing seems to parallel the author's observations of a negative resolution to the story, ending somewhat violently. She refers to students in her college class as writing pieces that do not have the stereotypical "happy ending" that you might expect out of students. Most have seemed to reflect a negative and violent ending, which my story paralleled. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Two Narrators

     I'm so nervous. What if everyone laughs at me? They're definitely going to laugh at me. I just know it. Ugh I can't believe I have to wear these. This is so embarrassing. I wish I just stayed home today. I should have just stayed home. Why didn't I stay home?! I don't want to be here.

     "Hey, Brooke," Lucas said. "Are those new glasses?" Brooke could feel the red hot embarrassment showing from her cheeks up to her ears. "Uh, yeah...sort of new I guess. They're just temporary I swear. My little brother sat on mine and these are the ones I have to wear until my new ones come in", she answered. 

     I wish I could just walk faster down this hallway. I need to get to English quickly so I can get a seat in the back. I hate James so much why did he have to break my glasses. This day needs to end. This day just needs to end.

     Brooke shuffled swiftly down the hallway as Lucas's pace quickened to keep up with her. "When are your new ones coming in?" he asked. Brooke's cheeks turned bright red again as she scratched the side of her face. "Hopefully tomorrow," she replied nervously. "My mom called the eye doctor yesterday to double check." Lucas nodded and continued walking at a somewhat fast pace to keep up with her. His brow furrowed a little as he said, "Hey, why are you walking so fast?"

     Why do you think I'm walking so fast? I hate being seen in these embarrassing glasses, that's why. Just stop interrogating me already! It's not nice it's just annoying. And maybe I want to get to class a bit early. What's it to you? Stay out of my way. 

     "Oh, no reason," Brooke answered nonchalantly, "just want to get to class on time I guess." She kept her head down as she turned the corner of the hallway. Lucas chuckled. "But first period doesn't start for another eight minutes! What's the rush? We always walk around together before class."

     Well maybe today is different, okay? I need to minimize the amount of people that see me today. I'm so angry at James I can't even describe it. Ugh I wish I could walk with my head lower without crashing into a locker or something. This is the perfect example of why I should just get contacts. Glasses are so problematic anyways. 

     "I uh, to talk to Mrs. Scott about something." Brooke stammered. "Something..?" Lucas said confused. Brooke's eyes darted around the halls nervously. "Yes something! I might be missing the essay from...uh...last class. It's marked as think. And I really want to keep my A in that class so I need to talk to her about making it up. 

     Brooke darted down the hallway towards the English wing, head low, eyes down, bumping into a few walls in the process. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

One Act Play


Quinn: Teenage girl of about 17 years of age, alone, and waiting the lab results of a medical exam.
Peter: Man in his late 50's with a terminal brain tumor, early for weekly doctor's appointment. 
Nurse: Works at the doctor's office, calls Peter in for his appointment.


Quiet, but semi-crowded waiting room at a doctor's office in Boston, Massachusetts. 


The present. 

(Lights up on Quinn and Peter sitting side by side in the waiting room. The two are strangers, both waiting to be called in to see the doctor.)

Quinn: (Sneezes.)
Peter: Bless you.
Quinn: (Smiles.) Thank you. I always seem to get a cold this time of year-or maybe it's allergies. I don't really know. (Laughs nervously.)
Peter: (Smiles sympathetically.) I know what you mean. But sometimes colds and allergies can be the least of our worries. (Pause.) If you don't mind my asking, what are you waiting at this office for?
           (Quinn fiddles with her hands on her lap.)
Quinn: Um...well...
Peter: (Overlapping.) It's fine if you don't want to say. I don't mean to be intrusive.
Quinn: No it's alright! It's just that I'm not really sure exactly what I'm here for. My doctor's been noticing these like, really weird spots on like my arms and stuff and she wanted to do some tests to see if they're you know...uh cancerous. So I'm waiting to get called in to see the lab results. Yeah. 
             (She looks down at her lap again and picks at a hangnail on her thumb.)
Peter: Well that's quite a lot to take in, isn't it? 
Quinn: (Chuckles quietly.) Kind of. 
Peter:  If it counts for anything, I think you're pretty darn brave sitting here today. (Smiles warmly.)
            (Tears well in Quinn's eyes. She sniffles.)
Quinn: Thanks. (Whispering.) I'm really scared.
Peter: (Takes a deep breath in.) It's okay to be scared.
Quinn: I'm trying to prepare myself for the worst case scenario. Let's just say that I have cancer. If I keep telling myself that I do, it won't be as heavy when I find out. And if I don't, then good. I don't. But it's better to convince myself I do, that way it can only be either good news, or old news. No bad news, if that makes any sense.
Peter (Nods understandingly.) That's an interesting way to look at it. Realistic with an optimistic twist.
         (There's a small, but comfortable silence. Quinn smiles.) 
Quinn: I just figure if they're going to diagnose me with cancer I might as well start living with a realistic view on the world.
         (Peter chuckles. Nurse enters from left.)
Nurse: Peter Warren? 
         (Peter stands up slowly. Quinn stands up quickly after Peter rises.)
Quinn: Wait! Peter, is it?
Peter: (Nods and smiles.) Yes, indeed.
Quinn: I'm Quinn, by the way. (Pause.) Thank you. For you know, listening to me.
           (Peter smiles and follows the nurse down the hallway to hear the status of his tumor. Lights 
           fade on Quinn, still standing by her chair in the waiting room.) 

Friday, October 3, 2014


Lakynne Sargent (Unreliable Narrator "A Father's Love")

I really liked the descriptions in this story and how real it felt. The story itself was a really good idea. The relationship between this father and his daughter was very touching and sad as well.

Sean Eykel (Self Deprecation)

It was very well written and lighthearted. I really enjoyed reading it. Some of the phrases were very clever and humorous. I also really liked the last sentence too; it was very good.

Francesca Maciejko (Short Short Story "Thoughts")

I thought the idea for this story was very clever and original. It was interesting to read all the thoughts she has while in the hospital and how strange the medicine made her feel. I really liked it.