Friday, December 5, 2014

List Poem

When your brother asks you for help on his homework, do not yell at him and kick him out your room. Help him. You were his age once too.

When your mother begs you to wear that sweater you hate, wear it once. It will make her happy.

When your best friend calls you in the middle of the night after a fight with her mom asking for a place to stay, clean your room, make up a bed for her, and welcome her in.

When your babysitting and the ten year old girl who looks up to you and strives to be exactly like you tells you about the kids who tease her, do not brush her off. Listen. Respond. Love her.

When you feel as though the walls of your bedroom could cave in on you, know that you are never as alone as you feel. It's okay to have a bad day.

When your coach does not cancel practice in a thunderstorm, do not complain. Run through the weather with a smile on your face and feel the rain on your cheeks.

Don't sit on the edge of the pool and watch your friends swim just because you don't want your eyeliner to run. 

When you contemplate not experiencing a part of life just because your afraid of what your friends will think, stop contemplating, do it, and dump those friends. They were never your friends anyway.

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